Welcome to the Natural Art family! – NaturalArt

Welcome to the Natural Art family!

Four years ago, Natural Art was born as a solution for the extreme poverty, migration and the preservation of our cultural identity. With the help of a small group of artisans we initiate our adventure into a world full of design and culture, in which we’ve managed to know the reality of many people living in the rural area of Guatemala and find amazing friendships around the country. Natural Art was born as the idea and significance of the “Tree of Life” the one who houses and cares the unprotected.

Thanks to Natural Art we’ve found the true beauty behind every handmade product created by talented artisans, each product tells a story of traditions that have passed from generation to generation.

Our team thanks all our partner artisans for believing in this brand and helped us grow every day to achieved our goals. It has been a difficult path full happiness and hope that has motivated us to keep moving forward and be an example of change for a better country.

We welcome you to our beautiful family!

Atte. Natural Art Team