In these times, were know we are working at home, it is essential to have a nice space, were we can feel good and be efficient. A space where we can be creative and productive. Creating this office at home can help us forget a little bit about the COVID-19 and focus in our self … Continued

CHAPTER No. 1 IDEATION: A sneak peek to our design process!

One of the things we don’t always show in our social media and newsletters is our process of product design, from the moment of the idea to the placement of our products in stores. We work every day searching for new trends, products, textures, materials and colors, as well as analyzing and understanding our market, … Continued

Our experience in INTERNATIONAL FAIRS / Behind the scenes

Welcome to the Natural Art family! The international fairs are a great experience to expose and present your design ideas and products to a big variety of people. It’s an enriching experience full of opportunities, it’s also a challenge worth taking. In 2016 we had our first experience participating in the international fair New York … Continued

Welcome to the Natural Art family!

Welcome to the Natural Art family! Four years ago, Natural Art was born as a solution for the extreme poverty, migration and the preservation of our cultural identity. With the help of a small group of artisans we initiate our adventure into a world full of design and culture, in which we’ve managed to know … Continued