Our experience in INTERNATIONAL FAIRS / Behind the scenes – NaturalArt

Welcome to the Natural Art family!

The international fairs are a great experience to expose and present your design ideas and products to a big variety of people. It’s an enriching experience full of opportunities, it’s also a challenge worth taking.

In 2016 we had our first experience participating in the international fair New York Now at the Jvits Convention Center. It was the most challenging and amazing experience that we have had and will never forget. We met our first international buyers, learned more about the American market and know the new global tendencies from the words of the experts.

Year after year we started to make ourselves known as a product design brand for home décor goods, participating three consecutive years in this kind of fairs. We encourage you to jump in the water, don’t be scared to show your products and ideas to different kinds of people, obtain insights from them, be open to change and critics, make mistakes and learn from them. We invite you to participate in international fairs, it can be the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for to help you grow your business.