CHAPTER No. 1 IDEATION: A sneak peek to our design process!

One of the things we don’t always show in our social media and newsletters is our process of product design, from the moment of the idea to the placement of our products in stores. We work every day searching for new trends, products, textures, materials and colors, as well as analyzing and understanding our market, measuring the environmental, social and economic  impact that surrounds it.

Each product arises from a process we called IDEATION. In this part, we brainstorm using images, materials and sketches, we place the most normal ideas to the most crazy ones, always exploring new concepts, forms and patterns. In this part we work side by side with our partner artisans, they help us filter all the ideas from the brainstorming, so we can end up with a concept line suitable to our brand and market.

The IDEATION phase is one of the design parts that consumes the most of our time, it takes a lot of work analyzing and generating ideas, but it helps us take the best decisions for our new products.

This is the first chapter of four of our design segment, keep up with the second part following our weekly newsletter 😀


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