Natural Art is a Guatemalan-based company and its mission is to provide artisan handmade products access to market by designing marketable home décor accessories. Through their hundred-year-old techniques we empower rural communities to rescue their cultural techniques, mitigate migration and preserve culture.

With every purchase made at Natural Art you are giving opportunities to rural women and men, contributing in preserving ancestral techniques, stabilizing local economies and highlight handmade designs.

Every element in our products represent a coalition between form and function, tradition and modern. The final product is a statement of sustainability, tradition and authenticity.

Join our journey and create a positive impact across rural communities of Guatemala.

Natural Art started in 2013, after its founder Ingrid Gamboa witnessed the migration of her previous employees due to the lack of job opportunities. Her previous employees became migrant workers in other countries, leaving their families behind.

In 2014, she met designer Andrea Benavente, and together created their first handmade Home Decor collection using ancient local techniques. They use locally sourced materials to create unique pieces and empower communities around rural Guatemala.

They are in constant search in new materials, new ways of doing things always seeking to refresh the Home Decor landscape, showcasing the beauty of nature, the beauty of handmade products.

Today they work with 9 different partner groups in rural Guatemala, and their small but powerful group of designers.

“We are PROUD of an excellent synergy between designers and artisans which brings new opportunities, new friendships. A chance to improve others lives.”